The Story of AutoMate

When AutoMate’s founder-CEO Danny Chan owned his first car years ago, it came to his surprise that finding a trustworthy auto shop was absurdly difficult even in a city like Hong Kong with streets filled with cars. Without many options, he turned to his friends for suggestions about car services and motor insurance. Danny has since then made it his mission to make some changes and bring the best car care experience to other car owners.

People and Cars

Cars connect people from places, and AutoMate wants to transform the way how people and their cars are connected. We are fully committed to offering a whole network of most trusted auto shops, alongside the best selections of car parts, products and insurances. Because car owners deserve a hassle-free experience, they deserve to have the time on the road enjoying their journey, and leave the servicing to the professionals.

Working with Professionals

Trust is what we value the most – that is why AutoMate always focuses on offering trustworthy choices of auto shops. Car professionals have plenty of expertise and craftsmanship to offer, AutoMate simply work closely with them to bring their profession upon customers. Together we promote higher customer satisfaction, in return car professionals regain the trust and respect they have long deserved.

With support from car professionals, distributors, manufacturers, car fleets and insurers, AutoMate will never stop to bring such transformation to life.

Engine Starts, Never Stops

Passion keeps us building the best experience for car owners. We are not just building a mere mobile app, but also a whole new network of automotive products and services that car owners will truly love.

Started with a set of features that help car owners – a comprehensive service history of their cars, ratings & review system that credits skills & expertise of car professionals, transparent pricing of services. All these will lay a foundation on which further trusted & intelligent platform can be built on. AutoMate will keep working with the most prudent partners in the industry, and together we build a complete coverage for customers, from used car financing to accident claims.

All these lie behind AutoMate’s mission to bring the best experience to everyone. No matter how people’s views of the best experiences are different, we can and we will get what they want, when they want it and how they want it.