How It Works

Standard-Price ServiceService Estimates


Setting up your car

  1. Go into “My Car” within the AutoMate App
  2. Choose car make, year, and model using the guided steps
  3. Enter your car's plate number and current mileage — this info will be useful for mechanics to determine the right services for you

Why setup your car

  • Keep track of your car's order history
  • Schedule your service appointments
  • Easy management of all your cars — you can set up multiple cars under one user account
  • Receive special offers that are suited for your car model


Choose your services

  1. Choose ‘Standard-Price’ on Dashboard tab
  2. Choose the service you need, followed by the product or service options
  3. Choose multiple service items if needed


Make booking

  1. Choose specifc auto shop or preferred district
  2. Choose date for service booking
  3. Proceed with AutoMate's in-app secure payment gateway (Accepts Visa, Master, Amex, Apple Pay and Google Pay)
  4. Email receipt will be sent to you after payment.
  5. The order will be shown on Dashboard.



  1. Drive-in your car to the shop as scheduled.
  2. Tap on the map icon beside shop address, shop’s location is shown on the map. In map's view, tap on the icon top-right, and choose Google Maps for navigation.


Set for the next journey

  1. Stay in touch with your mechanic during the process
  2. AutoMate's in-app notification will notify you upon the completion of service on your car
  3. Pick up your car from the auto shop and you are back on the road