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Access standard price service on AutoMate


Tired of getting quotes from multiple auto shops?  Struggled to find the best rate? 

We hear you. AutoMate is offering transparent, upfront and standardised pricing for selected services. It’s first of its kind in the car maintenance industry, and our customers love it! 

So what’s this?

One price, no surprises. We’re revolutionising the industry practice and rolling out fixed pricing for 14 services provided by 250+ trusted auto shops across the city. 

Unlike the old days, you can now skip the quotes and make instant bookings at your fingertips. You pay a fixed price and that includes labour and material costs with absolutely no hidden fees. Sounds pretty exciting, huh?

List of the services

Most of our popular services are offered in the form of standard price service. And we’re constantly expanding more services into the standard price pipeline. Here’s the latest list: 

  • Body work/ cleaning  (car wash, waxing, automotive window films, car interior steam clean, headlight lens restoration)   

  • General maintenance (tyre replacement, change engine oil and filter, battery replacement, wheel alignment, basic checkup, annual vehicle examination) 

  • Electronics upgrade (dash cam installation,  subwoofer installation, head unit installation) 

How does it work?

  1. Open AutoMate app and go to the Service tab 

  2. Under the Instant Book section, select your preferred standard price service 

  3. Choose an auto shop based on region and ratings 

  4. Select payment method 

  5. Choose an available date 

  6. Review booking details and confirm

  7. Drive to the designed site and our trusted mechanics will service your car 

What if you need other services?

No worries! We still offer quotes from the 250+ reliable providers! Simply submit a request and receive quotes for one of the 300+ automobile services we offered.  

Action now! Download AutoMate for free and a hassle-free experience is guaranteed.